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Crypto Apes are 7,777 algorithmically generated images from over 170 meticulously handcrafted traits, as a tribute to all the Crypto believers. We have tried to capture different moments in the journey of all Crypto and NFT investors. This is your chance to grab every moment you relate to.

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The Story

The Idea


Once undermined by mainstream media, crypto investors today are on the cusp of glory, confident BTC will break 100K USD and the crypto market cap will reach 10 Trillion in this decade. It's a new era of wealth creation with NFTs taking center stage and major companies planning complex Metaverse on the backbone of blockchain technology.

Crypto enthusiasts have gone through many ups and downs. Today blockchain technology is being adopted globally with billions pouring into this space. 

Bitcoin, Altcoins, Meme Coins & NFTs are breaking their own records by making higher highs every cycle.

Each Crypto Ape is a moment in the life of Crypto investors, the many hours spent researching, trying to catch the right millionaire-maker project, watching crypto go up and down, sleepless nights spent doing technical analysis, goosebumps during sudden spikes or flash crashes. Multiple hours spent reading/ watching crypto influencers, days spent studying/ understanding blockchain technology, be it Defi or DAO. 

The Crypto industry has created wealth at lightning speeds never seen before. It has been a wild ride, stories of wins and losses, happiness, sadness, shocks, hope, HODL, diamond hands, we have all been there.  This is your story. This is our story, together on this journey with a promising future, full of adventure and innovations, to create better technology for a better tomorrow.



7,777      Total Crypto Apes
11              Chairs
17             Clothing
36            Crypto Graphs
25            Face expressions
14             Desks
22             Headwear
10              Laptops
4                Shades
14              Skins
20             Snacks & Beverages

We have carefully designed over 170 unique traits. Of all the images generated, no two apes are the same.
Crypto Apes are Pre-minted on the Polygon blockchain. This is done to reveal the images & metadata, so that collectors can choose which Crypto Apes they want to collect.
We do not have any bonding curves or price tiers. Whether you purchase the first one or last, you pay the same. Some Apes are very rare, so hurry up and collect your moments.
You are free to use your Crypto Apes as you wish. You own it. It's your moment!!!

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